NCDC Player DITR Analytics Rankings out for 10/20 #DITRyDozen +2

What started as a concept to keep the Northeast Hockey Talent in the Northeast where more than 1/2 of the NCAA teams reside, ECAC, Hockey East & the Atlantic Hockey Conference conferences to name a few, has done a fairly good job of keeping local talent close.

Not getting the USA Hockey blessing on their financial model was a negative blow to truly calling themselves Tier 2 but nothing strong programs the likes of the Jr. Bruins, Islanders Hockey, NJ Hitmen & South Shore Kings cannot survive (and thrive).

While it is good bar talk on how the NAHL and the NCDC compare overall (I still think the NAHL is deeper in the talent pool and with 3 East teams being strong this year (NJ Titans, NE Generals and undefeated Philadelphia Rebels) it remains to be seen how the two leagues co-exist.

DITRyDozen+2 goalies are below.

The rest of the rankings are available at the links below but please vote on our poll below as well.




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 Name  Team Year POS  GP  G  A PTS SOT DITRS Commitment
Dallas Farrell BJB 1999 F 11 5 11 16 1.885 13.076 Univ. of Maine
Jeff Losurdo JER 1998 F 13 7 12 19 1.890 11.502 Dartmouth College
Sage Englund CYL 1999 F 10 2 10 12 1.868 11.161
Mark Cheremeta IHC 1999 F 10 2 9 11 1.907 10.400
Jeremie Lavallee IHC 1998 F 9 2 9 11 1.907 10.264
Matt Dillon IHC 1997 D 10 1 9 10 1.907 9.500
John DeRoche CJR 1998 F 12 4 10 14 1.873 9.329 Quinnipiac Univ.
Joey Cipollone BJB 1997 F 12 3 12 15 1.885 9.023 Univ. of New Hampshire
Tyler Coffey JER 2000 F 8 6 2 8 1.890 8.692
Guus Van Nes BJB 1997 F 12 5 10 15 1.885 8.671
Timmy Kent BJB 1999 F 12 6 6 12 1.885 8.479
Hayden Taylor IHC 1998 F 10 6 5 11 1.907 8.260

+2 Goalies

Alex Mosquera JER 1998 480 15 276 0.935 8.00 1.88 2 13.56
Wesley Mankowski SYR 2000 526.2 25 128 0.93 8.77 2.85 1 12.14



NAHL Player Rankings – DITRy Dozen 10-18-2017

If you would like to see the players by position and/or the entire list (player must have scored and played at least 5 games to qualify or being a qualified goalie).

You can click on the links below to see the entire lists by position and make sure to vote in our poll below.

The NAHL DITRy Dozen 10-18-2017

The NAHL Forward List

The NAHL Defense List

The NAHL Goalie List

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First Junior Hockey Rankings coming out after this weekends games

First Amateur Junior Player rankings of the year will be in the NAHL were after this weekends games we should have a good sample to make an early season analysis of the players. Top 100F/50D/ 25G will be available for subscribers.

Followed soon by NCDC, WSHL, BCHL, and of course USHL to name a few.

Then we will hit the Tier III, with the NA3PL, USPHL &  EHL to name a few.

Then our partnership with MyHockeyRankings kicks in for the National Player rankings for HS/Prep school.

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We will start with national rankings of junior, prep, HS, full-season, and club hockey players in the USA, with a convenient portal for teams that do not have established statistic portals to have team representative enter statistics from that team, like the current system in MHR, with details to be forthcoming.

There will be a monthly ranking available in the High School aged players that will feature a top 100 F/50 D/25 G list as well as seasonal content by major region.

These rankings are all based on the established DITR rankings that take the players stats and analytics and balance it against the team rankings to establish an “apples to apples” comparison from an analytics standpoint across regions. Some past lists are available at FREE CONTENT.

DITR also offers Premium content that will have more elaborate lists and some of the top players from those lists will be featured in MHR content.

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