First MN HS Ratings of the year

Please note, since the time frame needed to flush out the player ages (some are still estimates based on grade attending), the stats are not up to date but will be caught up on the next list.

Nevertheless, it gives us the good insights on the DITR ratings on the prospects.

We start with the boys between the pipes.

There are goalies that are having incredible years and will probably be up for Goaltender of the year that will not as high on this list because it is early, they play of very good teams and are older, all facets that affect the pro-rating.

First Goalie MN HS Ratings 


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Who is the Best Prospect in NE Prep at this moment?

UPDATE: We have labeled the Poll choices if they were part of the first *DITRY DOZEN or if they were a popular enough choice to be a *PEOPLE’S CHOICE write-in choice.

Is it one of our #DITRyDozen or is it one of the current leading scorers or save leaders? See our first statical rankings @ #DITRyLists Ver. 1  and vote at the poll below on who you think is the BEST PROSPECT IN NE PREP @ this moment.

The NE Prep #DITRyLists ver #1 2017-2018

The first rankings of the season off a small sample and there are many surprises earlier on with the early games. Injuries, missing players, and slow starts are giving some true Diamonds in the Rough (#DITRyPlayers) to shine.

Remember DITRHockey lists are always about the weighted stats and that is it #statsallfolks. It’s about identifying players that might not be on everyone’s radar by showing the weighted production and how it measures up to all players.

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NE Prep 2017-2108 #DITRyDefense ver#1

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Our first #DITRyDozen for NE Prep

6 Forwards, 4 Defense & 2 Goalies.

Here are the 12 players that have had the hottest starts by the DITR Hockey analytics standards that weigh the stats with the team strength, position, age and other factors.

The rest of the lists are here: NE Prep #DITRyList ver. 1


 Name Team Birth Year  GP  G  A  PTS SOT DITRS Commitment/ Draft Rights
Lynden Breen New Hampton 2001 5 3 6 9 1.991 14.94 Univ. of Maine (NCAA)
Jake Hughes Worcester Academy 2001 10 6 11 17 1.999 14.10
Matthew Fawcett Winchendon 1999 10 9 13 22 2.015 13.59 Quinnipiac Univ. (NCAA)
Ryan Black Winchendon 1999 10 9 13 22 2.015 13.59
Jack Luca Roxbury Latin 2000 7 3 10 13 1.928 13.37
John Farinacci Dexter 2001 12 7 12 19 2.024 13.25 Harvard Univ. (NCAA)


 Name Team Birth Year  GP  G  A  PTS SOT DITRS Commitment/ Draft Rights
Zach Milton Roxbury Latin 2000 7 2 9 11 1.928 14.20
Tucker Hartmann St. Mark’s 2002 9 0 9 9 1.951 13.47
Nolan McElhaney Cushing 1999 14 9 15 24 2.056 11.98 Univ. of New Hampshire (NCAA)
Patrick Lavin Worcester Academy 1998 7 1 9 10 1.999 10.16


Drew Commesso St. Sebastian’s 2002 592 22 260 0.92 12 11 6 4 1 13 2.01 32.89 282 2 2.03 17.66 Boston University
Joe Sharib Cushing 2001 565 20 318 0.94 14 12 9 2 1 19 1.91 31.39 338 0 2.06 14.91 Tri-City Storm (USHL)