MA Hockey NDC players named

May 23, 2017 Off By Russ

Here are the lists for the players that made National Development Camp from Massachusetts District.  Below is the links if they made #DITRPlayer lists. Think we did well on the 2000s and 2001s, 2002s not all put up stats in their young career so not as much to rank by on the #DITRyPlayer lists.

MA Festival 2000 NPDC Players  8/12 players are #DITRPlayers below

Tony Andreozzi

James Davenport

Jordan Harris

Tristan Amonte

Liam Gorman

Harrison Roy

Timothy Walsh

Connor Hopkins

MA Festival 2001 NPDC Players  10/12 players are #DITRPlayers below

Colby Bailey

Michael Brown

Jacob Flynn

John Fusco

Nicholas Cafarelli

Sam Colangelo

Liam Connors

Jack Cronin

Liam Devlin

Robert Griffin

MA Festival 2002 NPDC Players  8/17 players are #DITRPlayers

Nolan Hayes

Ryan Macdermott

Thomas Messineo

Cody Sealey

Matthew Beniers

Philip Tresca

Drew Commesso

Gavin Fitzpatrick