DITR Analytics

There are also other factors that make it difficult to embrace hockey analytics for organizations and teams that do not have “big budgets” for analytics like NHL teams. Because hockey is such a fast game, unlike baseball were statistics can be live in many aspects, much stat analysis/tracking has to be on video analysis for hockey because of the pace of game, which detracts from many levels of scouting to put in the time to use those analytics. Another detraction this causes is the lack of statistics various secondary and junior leagues have available for coaches to meddle through all the “legitimate” players than other than the “old boys network” say are good. Too many leagues, teams, players to see them all. Smaller D1 schools, small market NHL, lower Junior leagues, prep schools do not have the budgets or time to compete with the large schools to find players to find the Diamonds in the Rough (DITR) players.

DITR Glossary:

DITRS (Skater) = measures skaters based on strength of team, schedule, birth year and prorating stats based on position

DITRG (Goalie) = measures goalie based on strength of team, schedule, birth year and importance to team

DITRCORSI = Modified Corsi formula to make it easy for most leagues and teams to capture

DITRPIG (Presence In Game) = measures skaters based on DITRCORSI, +/- and blocked shots