Nice mention in My Hockey Rankings – Original article below

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#PIOTI #URBTRthan1A #MHR Hockey Nerd The Prep School Option Posted: 2014-11-29 23:00:00 ET With the emergence of Shattuck-St Mary’s over a decade ago as arguably the best hockey development program in North America, almost everyone knows that the prep school option is out there. Too many hockey families, however, dismiss the option without much research…

By Russ Sherman

Finally….#MNHOCKEY #MNHS PLAYER RANKINGS (Lakes & Southern Suburban)

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In time for this season of MN HS hockey we released a MSHSL DITRPIG (Presence In Game) & DITRS (Skater Ranking) for Lakes & Southern Suburban each day of returning players later this week for last year’s season. PIG rankings are more complete than Corsi because they measure more than just offensive stats but also ranking…

By Russ Sherman