NE Prep #DITRyDefense List 2017-2018 ver 1

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MA Hockey NDC players named

Here are the lists for the players that made National Development Camp from Massachusetts District.  Below is the links if they made #DITRPlayer lists. Think we did well on the 2000s and 2001s, 2002s not all put up stats in their young career so not as much to rank by on the #DITRyPlayer lists. MA …

#DITRyDozen All-Prep New England Prospects – Freshman

As I stated earlier the #DITRyDozen All-Prep New England Prospects team was a tough one this year, and many deserving players are left off the list but hopefully get their due on the #DITRYDozen per graduation class or the forthcoming top players per position poll. But the #numbersRthe#s and we do not put opinions on …