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MA Hockey NDC players named

May 23, 2017 Off

Here are the lists for the players that made National Development Camp from Massachusetts District.  Below is the links if they made #DITRPlayer lists. Think we did well on the 2000s and 2001s, 2002s not all put up stats in their young career so not as much to rank by on the #DITRyPlayer lists. MA…

By Russ

Top 100 New England Prep Underclassman Skaters from 2015-2016 from DITR Analysis

October 4, 2016 Off

As always, I premise that DITR analysis is to identify prospects and some of the Diamonds In The Rough. There are notable players not on this list and players that deserve to be higher and lower if you were a scout and seen their entire body of work you might be quick to point out.…

By Russ