#DITRyQuarter Forwards for the 2019 Class in NE HS (MA, ME, RI & NH)

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Top 100 MA HS Skaters from 2015-2016 according to DITR Analysis

Please note that it is a working list and we welcome input on twitter IDs, player’s club teams, commitment insights @ our twitter handle @DITR1A (DM us) or email us @ Russ@DITRHockey.com. A couple of clarifications: Some teams do not have their stats listed on MA HS site so there players  are not represented This …

MA Hockey NDC players named

Here are the lists for the players that made National Development Camp from Massachusetts District.  Below is the links if they made #DITRPlayer lists. Think we did well on the 2000s and 2001s, 2002s not all put up stats in their young career so not as much to rank by on the #DITRyPlayer lists. MA …