New England Prep #DITRyLists by Position & Birth Year

As they get updated, you will see the hyperlinks so  #checkoften.

These are season ending stats Perfect for #clubhockey, #PG, #Junior and #College recruiting with video links if available and social media ID’s hyperlinked names to research the player/team more and flesh out the players that make a winning roster.

Do not put all your marbles in on one player when you can get a #DITRyDozen that would make your season.

Remember, this is all based on #DITR formulas that take in offensive stats, class, the strength of a team, etc. These are players that are the upside players you need.

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#DITRyDozen All-Prep New England Prospects – Seniors

As I stated earlier the #DITRyDozen All-Prep New England Prospects team was a tough one this year, and many deserving players are left off the list but hopefully get their due on the #DITRYDozen per graduation class or the forthcoming top players per position poll.

But the #numbersRthe#s and we do not put opinions on our lists; it is all about the numbers. That being said, here is the Senior List.

  • 6 Forwards
  • 4 Defense
  • 2 Goalies
  •  182 Goals
  •  276 Assists
  • 458 Points
  •  1,285 Saves
  •  3 Shutouts
  •  2.04 Combined GAA

#DITRyDozen All-Prep New England Senior Forwards

Casey Carreau, Thayer  23 G, 38 A, 61 PTS, DITRs 13.448


Louis Lemay, Kents Hill   24 G, 26 A, 50 PTS, DITRs  11.49

Philippe Gilmour, Hebron  31 G, 29 A, 60 PTS, DITRs 11.11

Ethan Kimball, St. Mark’s  9 G, 15 A, 24 PTS, DITRs 11.09

John Femia, Dexter  12 G, 32 A, 44 PTS, DITRs  10.99

Johnny Mulera, Winchendon  23 G, 22 A, 45 PTS, DITRs  10.95


#DITRyDozen All-Prep New England Senior Forwards

Reilly Walsh, Proctor  30 G, 39 A, 69 PTS, DITRs  16.68


Matt Slick, Proctor  9 G, 29 A, 38 PTS, DITRs  10.83

Marshall Rifai, Hotchkiss  9 G, 19 A, 28 PTS, DITRs  9.03


Luke Albert, New Hampton  12 G, 27 A, 39 PTS, DITRs  7.963

Alberni Valley Bulldogs – BCHL

#DITRyDozen All-Prep New England Senior Goalies

Aidan Murphy, Dexter  722 SV, .933 SV%, 1.94 GAA, 2 SO, DITRs  20.84

Owen Zdunski, Lawrence, 563 SV, .920 SV%, 2.16 GAA, 1 SO, DITRs  17.57