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The NEW and Improved DITR Hockey website is up and running. If you do not know what DITR Hockey is let’s give you a quick “cliff note”.

DITR Hockey is all about getting players that deserve to be seen, a voice. DITR Hockey stands for Diamonds In The Rough and we do our best to take the limited stats that are out there and give voice to those players contributions on the ice. It is not a perfect science, stats are prone to inconsistencies, analysis is limited to the available information, but we do a pretty good job of weighting the available stats, and allowing scouts, coaches and player representatives to identify players to watch. This saves time, money, and allows scouts/coaches to find those players that make a difference from a good recruiting year to a great recruiting year.

Finding DITR players is tough and based a little on luck, we like to enhance the probabilities. Our critics may point out this player belongs higher or this player belongs lower on our lists, they may be right, but the stats don’t lie, they only tell a story. We only base our analysis on the stats that are available so there is no personal bias as there is in many so called “expert analysis” sites. Only the bias of the score sheets they come from and how they were recorded.

What is in store in the next few weeks:

  • Week of 9/11-9/18
    • NE Prep statistical rankings of underclassmen 2015-2016MA
    • HS statistical rankings of underclassmen 2015-2016
  • Week of 9/19-9/26
    • In-depth statistical analysis of the River Rat Jamboree
    • In-depth statistical analysis of the Labor Day Cup (ECC Tournaments)
    • MN HS statistical rankings of underclassmen 2015-2016
  • Plus much more…
    • In-depth statistical analysis of other ECC Tournaments (plus more to come) (on-going)
    • MA Selects statistical analysis
    • Player profiles (scouts/coaches only)
    • Many USEFUL tools for the coaches, scouts and players to make sure every player that deserves to get seen does (scouts/coaches only)

We will offer some limited time offers to celebrate the re-launch on premium content.

  • Premium access $19.99 for the year, access to all premium content (yearly only)
  • Coach/Scout access @  $19.99 for the year (must have an email from accredited hockey organization).  You will get additional content not available to the premium content members as well as coaches tools.
    • *If you email does not come from an accredited hockey program, you will receive and email from DITR to verify and will receive Premium access until you are verified.
  • Team programs are also in the works (TBA)


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