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2013 MA Select U16/U18 DITR Analysis

With the 2014 MA Select season ending this weekend and the MA & NE Region USA Hockey playoffs next weekend (CT play downs are this weekend) we thought it would be a good time to review last season U16 & U18 MA Selects to see were those players are this year and who is “new” on the scene.

Please note, statistical analysis is defined as “statistical analysis involves collecting and scrutinizing every single data sample in a set of items from which samples can be drawn”. The goal of statistical analysis is to identify trends, sometimes from small sample sizes, the smaller the sample the size the bigger the chance of abnormalities. It is a tool. So please note there may be places were coaches / scouts / advisors / players and of course parents will not agree with these analysis pages….the stats are of course offensively weighted….BUT, as the saying goes, the stats don’t lie. While there will be players that are undoubtedly more “acclaimed” that others on the list, the combination of statistics that are weighted by strength of team, schedule, position weight, birth year is a good predictor of our scale which is the DITR rankings.

Does this mean a highly DITR ranked ’99 is better than a ’96 right now? No. It means that when that ’99 reaches that same age as the ’96 they are PROJECTED to be better, BASED on the statistics from the season. Not all commitments are updated because this was done this summer originally, we will update the commitments as they happen.

Here they are:


2013 MA Select U16 Goalies DITRG Rankings

2013 U16 MA Selects DITRS Skater Rankings

2013 U16 MA Selects DITRS Forward Rankings

2013 U16 MA Selects DITRS Defense Rankings


2013 MA Select U18 DITRG Goalie Rankings

2013 MA Select U18 DITRS Rankings All Skaters

2013 MA Select U18 DITRS Rankings Forwards

2013 MA Select U18 DITRS Rankings Defense

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