It was brought to my attention, and rightfully so, that I did not post a #DITRyDozen All Semi-NE HS Hockey Team (MA-RI-NH-ME) like I did for NE Prep, but just did it by graduation year, time for me to right the wrong.

But with that said, since we measure potential and some numbers on underclassmen cannot always be projects from limited samples and especially limited weighting comparisons, we limited this one to just upperclassmen. Still, there are big names not on the lists.

This is especially true in goalies because great GAA/ SV%/ & SO #’s can be inflated by great defensemen in front, so team weighting plays a big part as well.

The #numbersRthe#s and we do not put opinions on our lists; it is all about the numbers. Some deserving people not here, but as always this is about seeing what the numbers bear and finding (DITR) “Diamonds In The Rough” players.

That being said, here is the list.

  • 6 Forwards
  • 4 Defense
  • 2 Goalies
  •  259 Goals
  •  334 Assists
  • 593 Points
  •  832 Saves
  •  11 Shutouts
  •  1.81 Combined GAA

#DITRyDozen All Semi-NE HS Hockey Team Forwards (MA-RI-NH-ME)

Jackson Aldrich (Senior), Waterville (ME)  29 G, 41 A, 70 PTS, DITRs 37.46

Justin Wentworth (Senior), Waterville (ME)  42 G, 26 A, 68 PTS, DITRs 35.70

Noah Strawn (Senior), Old Rochester/Fairhaven (MA)  38 G, 45 A, 83 PTS, DITRs 33.00

Nathan Masteralexis (Senior), Amherst-Pelham (MA)  44 G, 26 A, 70 PTS, DITRs 29.97

Ryan McDonough, Chicopee (MA)  35 G, 27 A, 62 PTS, DITRs 29.80

Patrick Creamer, Bishop Hendricken (RI)  22 G, 29 A, 51 PTS,  DITRs 29.09


#DITRyDozen All Semi-NE HS Hockey Team Defense (MA-RI-NH-ME)

Andrew Roderigue (Senior), Waterville (ME)  18 G, 33 A, 51 PTS, DITRs 30.08

Landon Goguen (Senior), Old Rochester/Fairhaven (MA)  18 G, 35 A, 53 PTS, DITRs 23.53

Matt Jolicoeur (Senior), Waterville (ME)  10 G, 27 A, 37 PTS, DITRs 23.05

Mackenzie Murphy (Junior), Kennett (NH),  13 G, 22 A, 35 PYS, DITRs 21.12

#DITRyDozen All Semi-NE HS Hockey Team Goalies (MA-RI-NH-ME)

Harry O’Brien (Junior) , Rockland (MA), 468 SV,  .940 SV%,  1.32 GAA, 6 SO

Thomas Guarino (Junior), E. Boston (MA), 364 SV, .879 SV%, 2.34 GAA, 5 SO

Eastie goalie Thomas Guarino (1) deflects a Latin shot.


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