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NOV 8, 2014 DITR Guide Service (@DITR1A) is going to start providing it’s analytics and some exclusive analytic content to our friends at Over The Boards (@OTBElite @OTBPuckWatch).

As many of you know, analytics is growing in importance in the hockey world as resources to find those better players and the competition for all players becomes more and more intense. Advanced weighted analytics such as DITRS, DITRG and DITRPIG (more on the descriptions of those analytics in out DITR Analytics page on our website).

OTB is one of the premier resources for coaches and scouts all over the world on inside information and analysis on the premier hockey players in North America and DITR Guide Service helps verify those scouting reports and find the Diamonds In The Rough through unbiased weighted analytics. It is difficult for College, Prep, Junior and Catholic schools to have the resources to find the players they need in a very competitive environment. DITR helps in that process.

DITR is thrilled about the opportunity to further spread the analytics gospel to the hockey community and helping players that might not be on radar, get on radar #justthestats

DITR specializes in amateur hockey analytics and helping players realize the opportunity to play at higher levels in prep & private. #URBTRthan1A.

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