The Minnesota Hockey District has announced it’s USA Festival nominees.

You can see if any player made our #DITRyPlayer lists by entering their name in the search function of the website in the top right corner and hitting enter.

2001s New England players selected for are:

Nick Capone (F, CT)
Kyle Chauvette (G, NH)
Jack Clarner (D, VT)
Matt Connor (D, NH)
Mark Dagostino (F, CT)
Briggs Gammill (F, CT)
William Gilson (F, CT)
Cody Hoban (F, CT)
Ryan Pineault (D, CT)
Stephen Willey (F, CT)

2000 New England players selected for are:

Jacques Bouquot (F, CT)
Gunnarwolfe Fontaine (F, RI)
Parker Ford (F, RI)
Kyle Haskins (F, VT)
Michael Kane, (F, CT)
Luke Krys (D, CT)
JP Mella (G, CT)
Aaron Pinto (D, CT)
Caleb Price (D, NH)
Jonathan Young (F, NH)

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