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In an article entitled, “Some Statistical Standouts, Prep and Minnesota”

Some part of the article below, but the entire article can be found on the http://www.overtheboards.net website.

With the wealth of new information and analytics talk this summer….
DITR Guide Service did a lot of leg-work in determining some of the statistical standouts in prep hockey. What he did, essentially, is all you can really do with the statistics publicly available (goals, assists, points, strength of schedule) as even +/- isn’t readily available. He used those point totals and quantified them vs. Strength of Schedule-type factors that included record, goal differential and were adjusted by conference. Presence on team, offensively, was a factor as well. Here are some of the stand-out prospects we were able to identify from Sherman’s lists, which can be found in their entirety at his website. Two of the oldest returning standouts (there weren’t enough 96s to warrant a whole section) were Minnesotans: Edina’s Matt Masterman and Minnetonka’s Gavin Payne. Presented without comment, this early season look includes a number of returning New England area prospects as well as some returning players in Minnesota’s five-team (Wayzata, Edina, Hopkins, Minnetonka, Eden Prairie) Lake conference.
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