DITR Hockey takes on something it has NEVER taken on, USA Hockey Tier 3, and it starts with the goalies, we will have forward and defense later on in the week.

This covers the RMJHL, EHL, EHLP, USPHL Premier, USPHL Elite and of course the NA3HL. This is the first time we have tackled the ratings for this level but not the last this season. Subscribe below to get access to all these rankings as well as USHL, NAHL, NCDC, HS, Prep and AAA Club rankings.

DITR Hockey is the prime place for analytical rankings of U14 to U20 aged players.  We identify players to help coaches, scouts, and hockey personnel to identify DITRy players (Diamonds in the Rough).

USA Hockey Junior Tier 3 Initial Rankings – Goalie


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