The first rankings of the season off a small sample and there are many surprises earlier on with the early games. Injuries, missing players, and slow starts are giving some true Diamonds in the Rough (#DITRyPlayers) to shine.

Remember DITRHockey lists are always about the weighted stats and that is it #statsallfolks. It’s about identifying players that might not be on everyone’s radar by showing the weighted production and how it measures up to all players.

The #DITRyPlayer lists, Goalie, Forward, and Defense Rankings with twitter links will be available starting mid-week with a special offer below to get access to ALL the rankings to come…..

NE Prep 2017-2108 #DITRyGoalies ver#1

NE Prep 2017-2108 #DITRyForwards ver#1

NE Prep 2017-2108 #DITRyDefense ver#1


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