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DITRGuide.com now #infullgear

Sorry for the break in analysis, I know there have been some withdrawals, I’ve been helping some kids get prep placement (#DITRFamily), changing primary jobs, partially so I can pursue #DITRGuide further and I been sweating the small stuff for my boys (hockey/baseball) both playing prep now. My oldest is even helping crunching the numbers now as he takes an interest in the #sportsanalytics industry.

We also have developed the #prepguidance part of the business, now working with multiple players currently for #placement this last season and next in the #prephockey world. The difference with us in that aspect is we do not charge an arm and a leg for helping, we just concentrate on getting #prep and #catholic school placement. We insist on working with the families on guiding them through the process but not being an impediment to the coaches, the kids and families do the communication, we just help them with the process, which is #scary the first time you go through it. You can also make huge mistakes, ones that your kid has to live with, so we coach you through asking the #rightquestions and making the #rightdecisions for the #rightplace for your child. Make sure it is a program were your kid #willplay #willdevelop #willlearn #willhavefun and a school that fits #theirneeds and #theirpersonality, this is were they will be at least the next 2-4 years, hopefully 4 years.

On the #sportsanalytics side, we are hoping to have some numbers crunched and updates in time for the #SeniorChowderCup & #CollegeChowderCup that will help prep, college & junior coaches see the right players, find the #DITRPlayers that other coaches did not have on the radar yet. We are also adding some wrinkles with new #datapure processing that will allow clean data that will lead great data purity, which will lead to even better analysis, and allowing us to get to some customization. We will also be introducing some #premiumanalysis to get more specific analysis #perteam come club and prep season.

Looking forward to getting into #fullgear and as always #spreadtheword.

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