We will start with Midwest High School Hockey, keep coming to this post because we will put the page posts here first.

The lists will take a little bit because even though MN has a great web portal (https://www.mnhockeyhub.com/), as well as MI (https://www.mihshockeyhub.com/) for the player stats, age data is missing and we have to rely on approx. information based on HS grades to cull down the lists before we research ages.

The same problem, yet, even more, applies to New England, with some of the states having excellent sites (http://www.masshshockey.com/), (https://www.mainehshockey.com/), (http://www.rihsh.com/about-rihsh.html) to name a few, but chasing own ages of players that are not listed and not already on a site such as (https://www.eliteprospects.com/)

Either way, we will tackle it and get the lists out as promptly as possible this week/weekend and we will encourage you to join the discussion.

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