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#Back2Business finally after a family leave, there will be bonus time for the #DITRyCommunity (existing & former), a new subscription plan, and a bunch more content & community activities. Going forward, starting Dec 31th, 10% of every subscription payment will go to The Alzheimer’s Association or Comfort Zone Camp in the name of the #DITRyCommunity.

Join for only $0.99 a month going forward (with a 6-month minimum), and existing customers will be automatically moved to the $0.99 monthly plan (or $9.99 yearly) with the 10% contribution to the two charities listed above. #DITRCares

If you had a subscription and you want back, just resubscribe with a different email than previously.

*Premium Content for less than a puck ($0.99/month or $9.99 a year) min. six months
Join the DITRy Community: