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Releasing tonight at 9 pm NE Prep Mid-Season Rankings – Skaters. Goalie rankings to come mid-week.

Remember as always, the analysis is intended to find the Diamonds in the Rough (#DITRPlayers) and stats can be somewhat subjective and has anomalies on data received so far (smaller the sample, less truth to the formulas).

There are anomalies because of the lack of games, certain teams data being “cleaner” others in reporting stats to data sites, some teams having a bigger sample size, players not playing.

These anomalies cause #bigtime players not ranked as high as people think they should be, but this is not the #eyetest. That is for the coaches, this is for the coaches to determine which teams/players to go watch, scout and find those players that make a successful recruiting year, the ones that are “the finds” and the players that make a difference from other teams recruiting.

It is purely the poetry of statistical analysis, not subjective, not influenced by anything other than the stats that are presented. #statsallfolks

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