Starting with the Protectors of the Twine, then the Kings of the Blue Line and ending with the Chiefs of Celly. As always I remind people that these lists are constantly changing, it is rated by the ranking of the prospect, not necessarily the best player at this moment, and there are many weighting factors to the formula.

There will be some surprises in the Goalies, starting with the top of the list is the youngest player on the list.

Vote on the poll on which goalie think is the best prospect in Tier 2 Juniors at the moment:

Protectors of the Twine USA Tier 2 V1

The King’s of the Celly (Forwards) USA Tier 2 V1

The Guardians of the Blue Line (Defense) USA Tier 2 V1

The Original DITRy Players (all skaters) Tier 2 V1

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