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More anomalies but keep in mind, this is from stats alone:

  • This is a list to know who to see
  • This is not a list of the best goalies necessarily (albeit many are) but the best prospects based on the stats
  • We try to pro rate on age, SOT (Strength of Team), SPG (Shots per game) but all of these are moving parts
    • Teams may be defensive in nature that will help a goalie
    • Goalies on bottom teams usually have worse GAAs which effects rankings, no matter how you weight it, because they often see shots from prime scoring locations
  • Many goalies are not fully college ready until a year or two in juniors so these are always “works in progress”
  • Because of the abundance of Junior goalies we gave them their own ranking
  • Look forward to the follows, discussions and conversations on the blog

All Goalies DITR Rankings 1-25

SR-PG Goalies DITR Rankings 1-25

Junior Goalies DITR Rankings 1-25

Underclassmen Goalie DITR Rankings 1-25


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