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DITR does it best to let the stats tell the story and the rest is up to the scouts and coaches. Since this is just a “slice” of the players stats for the year, they are subject to statistical anomalies because of the small sample and accuracy of reporting of the statistics. But all statistics tell a story and the analysis is an attempt to reconfirm the players we know are premier and allow the scouts and coaches to find the “Diamonds In The Rough” (DITR) that might make their recruiting year complete and help find players that might be slightly off-radar. DITR Guide Services try to help these DITR players get on radar and help them with the process to find opportunities if the families are interested.

MASS Midget 2013 Ratings

….with the Mass Midget Select playing the last games of the season this weekend we are going to re-release the MASS Midgets 2013 DITR rankings (based on the Mass Midgets stats). Soon after the 2014 stats become final, we will post those rankings as well.

Greater New England Prep School 2013-2014 Ratings

….with the Prep School season just around the corner, we are re-releasing the rankings from last year to give the scouts and coaches the “heads up” on who might be worth taking a look at that might be ready for that “jump” or might be slightly off radar. We give more confirmation on the players that everyone is watching AND those DITR players to help in the recruiting conversations.

Minnesota High School 2013-2014 Ratings

…..we are diligently working on last years season’s ratings but it is a massive job, with the amount of players, teams and rich statistical availability of the information, the analysis will be more comprehensive with DITRPIG (Presence In Game) analysis on top of the traditional DITR analysis. We look to release by the weekend of Nov.7th – 9th, just in time for the MA and New England Midget Nationals qualifying weekend to give you plenty to look at while you are sitting all weekend in the rinks watching great midget hockey.

LOOK for DITR to have an exciting announcement or two in the following weeks as well…..

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