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gordie howe editedYou could say he was well-rounded. Gordie Howe was a player unlike any that the hockey world has seen and will likely ever see. He holds the records for games played (1,767) and seasons (26), and he finished his career with 801 goals and 1,850 total points in the regular season. Not only was he a natural scorer, but he was also his own enforcer. Mr. Hockey inspired the infamous “Gordie Howe Hat-Trick”. This hat-trick consists of a goal, an assist and a fight in one game. It is a testament to his scoring ability as well as his physical prowess and edge on the ice. Despite the fact that Gordie Howe only recorded two of his own hat-tricks, October 10, 1953 and March 21 1954, he started a trend as well as a new term that spans the entire hockey world. Maybe players only strive for two of these three accolades on one game, but some take into account a penalty instead of a fight. Nevertheless, Gordie Howe gave more than just his hat-trick to the NHL and the game of hockey in his 26 seasons and he will be sorely missed.

Mr. Hockey passed away today, which means the hockey world has lost another one of its greats. He died at the age of 88, 36 years after he retired from the NHL. His worldwide impact on the game of hockey changed the game dramatically. His physical play along with his scoring touch brought both sides of the coin together into one player. There are not many players quite like Mr. Hockey and it will be a hockey miracle if another player is able to play in the NHL as long as he did. Players like Ted Lindsay and Wayne Gretzky have sung his praises, adding to his legend and his lasting impact on the game. Gretzky thought he was “the greatest of all time” and Ted Lindsay described him as “the greatest hockey player who ever played, that includes all of them”.


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