First DITRy Dozen for the year for the USHL. A small data size so there may be some anomalies like no NTDP goalies on the list and three forwards from Chi-Town (not saying they will not be there later, just pointing out 3 from one team). Look at the total USHL Skater, Forwards, Defense, and Goalies lists to see where players are early on statistically. As always, there will be questions are how high a prospect is, but, remember the strength of the team and the prospect’s age are also weighted in the statistics.

Jakub DobesGOMA2001
Brennan BoyntonGFGO2000
Mason LohreiDGB2001
Luke HughesDUSA2003
Ryan UfkoDCHI2003
Lane HutsonDUSA2004
Matt CoronatoFCHI2002
Frank Nazar IIIFUSA2004
Devin KaplanFUSA2004
Issac HowardFUSA2004
Sean FarrellFCHI2001
Mackie SamoskevichFCHI2002
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