As always this is driven by stats and only stats, so know a few things:

  • It is not a complete year so data is limited
  • This is offense based, so defensive stats will not play a role in these rankings
  • We will follow-up with premium stats broken down by position, age, and prospect and weighting
    • You can get access to premium for free for a month at the SUBSCRIBE tab on the main menu

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Andrei VasilevskiyTBLL1994-07-2528196322828822759630.9232.2321.77
Juuse SarosNSHL1995-04-1929199122929893830630.9292.2121.70
Frederik AndersenCARL1989-10-0223185012322620576440.9291.9719.66
Tristan JarryPITL1995-04-2927176432726759707520.9311.9419.23
Jack CampbellTORL1992-01-0926175342625783733500.9361.9918.94
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