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Only days left in the Best Prep Hockey Player in New England Poll, here is how the leaders did this week so far……#vote @ ditrguide.com.

Zack Tsekos @ St Mark’s is leading and did nothing to diminish that with 7 assists this week already in a big 5-1 win over Brooks and 5-2 win over St. Georges. Teammate Peter Housakos also had 7 points in those 2 wins #hesagiver

Frederic Gregoire @ St Georges got nicked up in the 5-2 loss vs. Rivers and could not play in the 5-2 loss to #Eberhart rival St. Marks. Too bad the Dragons were having a great year and were challenging the top teams in the division #toughtiming

Tim Birarelli @ Loomis Chaffee just keeps doing what he does best, stopping rubber, as he was a perfect 25-25 in shots-saves building on his incredible .940 save % while the Pelicans march towards an Elite 8 birth in what was supposed to be a slightly down year for them.

Patrick Harper @ Avon Old Farms has been garnering votes recently and frankly was  many coaches odds on favorite to win this poll. But with AOF being the juggernaut they are and being the only team with 2 players on the poll (Jamie Armstrong, next on the poll) is this a vote of the people or just a vote for the player that is most vital to their teams success? We will find out in a few days.


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