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Please note that it is a working list and we welcome input on twitter IDs, player’s club teams, commitment insights @ our twitter handle @DITR1A (DM us) or email us @ Russ@DITRHockey.com.

A couple of clarifications:

  • Some teams do not have their stats listed on MA HS site so there are goalies are not represented
  • This is purely limited goalie stats and team strength weighted, no subjectivity, all numerical. We did give it the ‘litmus test’ with our inner circle of coaches to make sure it was in-line but as always there will be anomalies. Since that is true, there is no use communicating on players that need to be on the list, unless you want to comment in the comment section or tweet about it.
  • Note this is for coaches to identify players that might be overlooked as well (DITR’s) so along with many “blue chips” there will be a few surprises for some.
  • We have added as many ways to follow the players on the list as we could via twitter, but note this is constantly changing. Some good places to follow MA HS Hockey (but not limited to and will expand list):
MA HS Hockey Twitter Coverage
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