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Many people wanted to know what were on the lists for DITR but were not ready to part with $9.99/$19.99/$29.99 for the year (really? most sites charge that in a month)

So we made other options for $0.99/$1.99/$2.99 a month,  you can have all the robust analysis to find those Diamonds In The Rough (DITR) players.

We also added a $0.99 one-month trial that you can cancel anytime in the first 30 days regardless of the level.  Give it a try. 

Coaches/Scouts/Players/Advisors MUST use their school/team email to get the coaches or players access.

Try free for a week and then just $1.99 a month


Our initial rankings got such great response he started a blog that became DITRGuide.com and now evolved to DITRHockey.com.

This year we are expanding the service to become a complete analysis source for coaches, scouts, players and every other sports fan for schoolboy hockey in the Northeast AND Midwest. Using available stats, we have developed some weighted and hybrid analysis that is not meant to be the “end all” ranking but a place to identify the true DITR Hockey players so coaches/scouts have a tool to find those “hidden gems” that make a recruiting class complete.

What is in store in the next few weeks (premium content tab):

  • MAHS statistical rankings of underclassmen 2015-2016
    • Top 100 Skaters Prospects
    • Top 25 Goalies Prospects
  • NE Prep statistical rankings of underclassmen 2015-2016
    • Top 25 Goalie Prospects
    • Top 100 Skating Prospects
  • MN HS statistical rankings of underclassmen 2015-2016
  • MA Selects statistical analysis
  • Fall Club Hockey Top 75 F, 50 D and 25 G
  • USPHL 01/02 draft and organizational evaluation
  • Player profiles (scouts/coaches only)
  • Many USEFUL tools for the coaches, scouts and players to make sure every player that deserves to get seen does (scouts/coaches only) coming in-time for schoolboy season
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