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As I always preference these lists, DITR is all about identifying hockey players, some of which might not be on the radar, based on the stats in a time period. There are various anomalies, sometimes that effect these rankings, such as the consistency of statistics, player’s stat sample size, etc.

But as always, this is about getting kids “on the radar” if not already and helping coaches identify the players that make their programs better.

This list we added a YouTube playlist with many highlights and games from players on this list, the link is on the list.

Here is the top 5, the rest of the list is at Top 50 Defense.

 Name  Team Year POS  GP  G  A PTS SOT DITRS School / Junior 2016 Tweet LAST Team Junior Rights College Committ DITR Playlist
JULIAN KISLIN NJ AVALANCHE – U18 NAT 1999 D 6 1 10 11 10.9 86.3 @TownshipScores @juliankislinnn @NJ_Avalanche  @YtownPhantoms  @GoNUmhockey TOP 50 DEFENSE
BRANDON TABAKIN NORTH JERSEY AVALANCHE 2000 D 10 5 9 14 8.5 51.2 @USAHockeyNTDP Brandon Tabakin @NJ_Avalanche @ChicagoSteel @Yale_Hockey TOP 50 DEFENSE
MARSHALL WARREN NORTH JERSEY AVALANCHE 2001 D 11 7 7 14 8.5 48.4 @NJ_Avalanche @MWarren1077 @NJ_Avalanche @Harvard_Hockey TOP 50 DEFENSE
JOHN SPETZ NJ AVALANCHE – U18 NAT 1999 D 7 0 6 6 10.9 42.0  @PopeJohnLions @JohnSpetz18 @NJ_Avalanche @ChicagoSteel  @MerrimackMIH TOP 50 DEFENSE
Sean Thomson Boston Jr Bruins U18 1998 D 14 2 17 19 7.8 38.8 @KUAHockey @Boston_JrBruins @PhoenixSherbroo TOP 50 DEFENSE
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