The #DITRyDozen All-Prep New England Prospects teams have been picked for this year, and many deserving players are left off the lists for the various #DITRyDozens no doubt. But the #numbersRthe#s and we do not put opinions on our lists; it is all about the numbers.

That being said, here are the #DITRyDozen by position by class year to share the recognition for statistical years they have shown and give the scouts some #DITRyGems to check out.

As the #DITRyDozen lists get released by Class year, we will publish the lists by position for that class year.

Keep checking back, once a list is hyperlinked the corresponding page is there.

#DITRyDozen All-Prep New England Forwards

#DITRyDozen All-Prep New England Defense

#DITRyDozen All-Prep New England Goalies


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