DITRy "Diamond in the Rough" HOCKEY

DITRy "Diamond in the Rough" HOCKEY

We use stats, education, and communication to learn about everything Hockey

About Us (DITRy Hockey Reborn Jan 2021)

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2020 just plain sucked for hockey overall, so we wanted to start 2021 right…

So DITRy Hockey decided to do something CRAZY for our relaunch of DITRHOCKEY.com, YouTube & Social Media for 2021…..


We intend on making DITRHockey.com a hockey community destination for what we originally wanted to do all along, get Diamonds In The Rough (DITRy Players) opportunities and for all coaches, players, and scouts to get better by looking at the analytics and intangibles that make a great players & teams.

We will be adding a ton of non-statistical content in early 2021. In the meantime, we will enjoy all our past lists and comment and discuss anything, controversial or not, on any of the previous statistical rankings….

Do you play #DITRyHockey?

So from now on, we will make our revenue solely through our SOCIAL MEDIA, YOUTUBE ADVERTISING, and MERCHANDISE SALES.

We will continue to allow the stats to tell the stories & listen to coaches, the scouts, and the organizations and incorporate hockey analytics into every communication to help players get better, get recognized, get better training, and improve hockey where we can.


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