Russ Sherman – Founder DITR Hockey

Russ Sherman has an MBA in Business from Suffolk University and years of statistical experience. He has headed the Prep Teams U16 & U18 teams in the well-known Beast Conference for the NH Avalanche & NE Generals, as well as, running some teams in the premier division for the NV River Rats and has seen many kids that have had successful seasons that did not get recognized by the “hockey illuminary” and wondered why.

Of course, pedigree, athletic anomalies, coaches, and high-profile teams all play a big role.

So over the past seven years, Russ has worked on various formulas to perfect these rankings and lists. We take the available statistics and constantly work to enhance further those resources. We have developed the formula(s) to compare players’ production across the board.

#DITRHockey tries to help #DITRyPlayers get on the radar

We use completely unbiased statistical information from Hockey HS, Prep, Club & Juniors & weigh the birth years, class, and team strength to measure a player’s production accurately.

It helps identify the best players and the #DITRyPlayers (Diamond In The Rough) Players that produce, regardless of hockey pedigree, team affiliation, pretty skating & perceived athletic prowess. The players that coaches NEED on their rosters to put out a well-balanced productive team.

We developed #DITRSkills based upon our learning, hockey analytics, and years of skills development from the best coaches in the trade.

Success breeds success. Fundamentals, hard work, and building self-confidence, knowing what makes for success statistically as well (the little things they call it at times).

Through call outs of players that deserve attention (#DITRyLists) to innovative training (#DITRSkills), we try to get players in positions of success.


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