MHR (My Hockey Rankings) & DITR (Diamonds in the Rough Analytics) are pleased to announce a creative and content agreement in place to provide statistics and player ranking content starting in fall/winter of 2017.

We will start with national rankings of all HS & Prep players in the USA, with a convenient portal for regions that do not have established HS statistic portals to have team representative enter statistics from that team, like the current system in MHR, with details to be forthcoming.

There will be a monthly ranking available in the High School aged players that will feature a top 100 F/50 D/25 G list as well as seasonal content by major region.

These rankings are all based on the established DITR rankings that take the players stats and analytics and balance it against the team rankings to establish an “apples to apples” comparison from an analytics standpoint across regions. Some past lists are available at FREE CONTENT.

DITR also offers Premium content that will have more elaborate lists and some of the top players from those lists will be featured in MHR content.

We look forward to further enhancing your enjoyment of both sites.

We are looking forward to providing free and premium content to our site followers!


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