The Top 40 DITRy Players All-Star Teams

The big initial observations from the NHL All-Star rosters are an effort to represent all teams that greatly affected the strength of the game for skaters with more than half are not (13 of 32 (40.6%) tops in DITRy Player production, but the goalies were much better where 6 of 8 (75%) strongest production years are represented.

There were a few known names just out of the cusp of the top 32 skaters: Pavel Buchnevich, Jake Guentzel, Troy Terry, Brad Marchand. The more significant factors that led to the large ignoring of players with better production were the player’s reputations and team/division representation. Over half (52.5%) of the all-stars were not in the top 40 producers to this point in the season and there are 9 players outside the top 50 players in production.

We need to recognize that there are players that weighted stats are not an indication of the player they are (Cale Makar is weighted out of the top 50 because of the strength of the team and the other producers and that assists are weighted for D and he has disproportionate goals to assist for a D as an example). No formula is perfect in analytics, there are always anomalies. Please see our other lists to see more insights. Entire seasons of stats help level out those types of anomalies, the dangers of snippets if it can sometimes throw off the equations. That is why it is a reference point, not a final point, thus our slogan, “stats don’t lie, but they tell stories”.

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