SHL’s top players with DITR’s spin on the Swedish pros

Our top 10 consisted of 9 of the SHL’s top 10 overall ranked players, with the exception being Defenseman Lucas Ekeståhl-Jonsson of Rogle who bumped Timrå forward Ty Rattie out of the top 10. With 26 points in 32 games, Ekeståhl-Jonsson is the second ranked defensemen in our SHL rankings. Only one player in our top 10 has a negative plus minus, a stat that the DITR algorithm emphasizes for all players no matter their position.

Our goaltender rankings have shaken up the SHL’s rankings as only 4 of the current top 10 in SV% made it into our top 10. This is primarily because we take strength of team into account and the goaltenders in our top 10 will occasionally come from teams lower in the standings as those goalies are generally facing more and harder scoring chances throughout the game. The youngest goaltender in our DITR top 10 is 1999 Veini Vehviläinen of Brynäs, the oldest goalie is the top 10 is 1988 Jhonas Enroth who holds the top spot in the ranking with a 13-8-2 record and 4 shutouts. Those shutouts helped Enroth climb the rankings as the DITR algorithm gives weight to shots faced and shutouts, both of which Enroth is scores highly in.

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SHL Top 10 DITRy (Best) Skaters

5Jonathan Pudas64SkellefteåD30526311801538442817110.99922.40
1Ryan Lasch81FrolundaF3173138625401101921-20.83321.92
2Adam Tambellini91RogleF321817354371191393715220.74718.55
18Lucas Ekeståhl-Jonsson16RogleD325212616135411353321120.87618.38
3Max Veronneau15LeksandF291915342331142113121100.83817.51
6Michael Spacek43FrolundaF316243031233615181530.71517.49
8Jonathan Johnson22SkellefteåF297212814024725232120.69216.31
8Leon Bristedt67RogleF297212845114321132914150.70716.13
4Patrik Karlkvist89OskarshamnF3117143124555214242040.69216.12
7Markus Ljungh61LinkopingF3412172963262710261790.79515.48

SHL Top 5 DITRy (Best) Goalies

4Jhonas Enroth16/24/1988orebro3224482.021328455159991.9967.97
18Mantas Armalis599/5/1992Djurgården2722693.475115160667589.7858.29
12Kasimir Kaskisuo3110/1/1993Leksand2926672.5513310167974691.0257.29
8Marcus Hogberg6311/24/1994Linkoping3426572.2111311163168891.7256.49
11Dominik Furch384/18/1990Ferry town2822552.531228149855390.0556.30

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