DITR Hockey takes on the KHL

DITR Hockey decided it’s time to take on the KHL, figuratively, of course! Below we bolded and italicized the top 25 scorers compared to our top 25 skaters, which was 19 of 25 skaters. Next to their name we put were they are on the scoring list vs. our list.

Also below we bolded and italicized the top 5 goalies in GAA vs. our top 5 goalies according to our DITRy analysis, which was 2 out of the 5 goalies.

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Top 25 DITRy Skaters in the KHL

Shipachyov, Vadim (1)DYN87F12-Mar-874824436734.859.96
Bailen, Nick (12)TRK55D12-Dec-89496364228.788.72
Kuzmenko, Andrei (2)SKA96F4-Feb-964520335327.4910.57
Knight, Corban (3)AVG9F10-Sep-904718304824.937.79
O’Neill, Brian (11)JOK21F1-Jun-88419334222.656.66
Zhafyarov, Damir (4)TOR88F17-Mar-944718274523.268.31
Nesterov, Nikita, D. CSK89D31-Aug-91415283322.527.26
Mikhailis, Nikita (5)BAR10F18-Jun-954718264422.708.41
Sedlak, Lukas (7)TRK11F25-Feb-934918254322.147.63
Aaltonen, Miro (10)VIT55F7-Jun-934410324222.537.77
Valk, Curtis (13)BAR14F8-Feb-934712294121.737.49
Klok, LukasNKH13D7-Jun-95445263121.017.78
Lehtera, Jori (18)SPR21F23-Dec-874510293920.855.96
Galiyev, Stanislav (8)DYN22F17-Jan-924725174220.746.91
Ojamaki, Niko (6)VIT20F17-Jun-954829144320.837.71
Burdasov, Anton (9)SKA71F9-May-914123194220.986.77
Beck, Taylor (20)DMN88F13-May-91428303820.536.62
Voynov, VyacheslavDYN27D15-Jan-90405263121.016.57
Goldobin, Nikolai (16)MMG87F7-Oct-954216233920.147.46
Granlund, Markus (19)SAL60F16-Apr-93418303820.537.08
Maillet, Philippe (17)MMG61F7-Nov-924715243920.266.75
Agostino, Kenny (14)TOR11F30-Apr-924620204020.226.74
Audette, Daniel (15)VIT88F6-May-964517223920.027.70
Hultstrom, LinusMMG7D9-Dec-92484242819.266.42

Top 5 DITRy Goalies in the NHL

Hrubec Simon11AVG1991402215154022151501071987840.9222.1923.92
Will Roman35TRK199239219723921972411631080830.9292.2023.56
Pasquale Edward80LOK199038191631381916311905829760.9161.9923.31
Johansson Lars1SKA1987342092934209292768716520.9321.6322.58
Olkinuora Juho45MMG1990362010233620102311005922830.9172.4522.57

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