Final New England Prep Lists – Goalie

We are starting with the people between the pipes. We are doing something different this year. Say we added some facets (sorry bad pun).

In the past, we only rated players by their DITRGP which measures them as a total prospect, which took in factors like age, the strength of the team, amount of saves, and other factors. We had some people that challenged that while once kid may be a better long-term project, they may not be better right now analytically at this moment, so how do you measure that? Well, we introduce DITRGW, weighting that is independent of age factors, to measure that.

Let’s look at this year by example. While there are several incredible prospects in NE Prep hockey, there might not be a better goalie prospect than Derek Mullany of Dexter (Harvard). But it is a legit argument that he was not the best goalie in NE Prep last year, that would probably go to either Aiden Porter of Rivers (Princeton) or Eric Green of NMH (UMass-Lowell) who neither team, while both quality clubs last year, would not have gone as far as they did without either one of those two between the pipes. Why penalize a player for mere age, especially since the NCAA D1 & D3 programs average in the 20’s for freshmen? We heard you and will rank both age-related prospect analytic lists as well as those independent of those factors.

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NE Prep Goalies Final DITRGW List (non-age biased)

NE Prep Goalies Final DITRGP List (age biased)


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First MN HS Ratings of the year

Please note, since the time frame needed to flush out the player ages (some are still estimates based on grade attending), the stats are not up to date but will be caught up on the next list.

Nevertheless, it gives us the good insights on the DITR ratings on the prospects.

We start with the boys between the pipes.

There are goalies that are having incredible years and will probably be up for Goaltender of the year that will not as high on this list because it is early, they play of very good teams and are older, all facets that affect the pro-rating.

First Goalie MN HS Ratings 

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