NE Prep Skaters Final Lists

Now we get to the skaters (forwards & defense). We are doing something different this year. Say we added some more facets (sorry bad pun).

In the past, we only rated players by their DITRP which measures them as a total prospect, which took in factors like age, the strength of the team, amount of saves, and other factors. We had some people that challenged that while once kid may be a better long-term project, they may not be better right now analytically at this moment, so how do you measure that? Well, we introduce DITRW, weighting that is independent of age factors, to measure that.

Let’s look at this year by example. While there are several incredible prospects in NE Prep hockey, there might not be a better defenseman prospect than Jack Rathbone of Dexter (Harvard) or a better forward prospect than John Farinacci of Dexter (Harvard). But it is a legit argument that they were not the best forwards or defense in NE Prep last year, that could probably go to players such as Matthew Fawcett of Winchendon (Quinnipiac) or Matthew Guerra of Cushing (Bentley) as forwards or Patrick Lavin of Worcester Academy or Jayson Dobay of Thayer (UMass) as defensemen who lead their teams to great success last year. So we should recognize those achievements as well.

Why penalize a player for mere age, especially since the NCAA D1 & D3 programs average in the 20’s for freshmen? We heard you and will rank both age-related prospect analytic lists as well as those independent of those factors.

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NE Prep Goalies Final DITRGW List (non-age biased)

NE Prep Goalies Final DITRGP List (age biased)

Top NE Prep Defensemen by DITRW Final List

Top NE Prep Defensemen by DITRP Final List

Top NE Prep Forwards by DITRP Final List

Top NE Prep Forwards by DITRW Final List


Who is DITR Hockey?


DITR Hockey lets the stats tell the story and the rest is up to the scouts and coaches (we call them DITRy Players).

Since this is just a “slice” of the player’s stats for the year, they are subject to statistical anomalies because of the small sample and accuracy of reporting of the statistics.

But all statistics tell a story and the analysis is an attempt to reconfirm the players we know are premier and allow the scouts and coaches to find the “Diamonds In The Rough” (DITR) that might make their recruiting year complete.

We help find players that might be slightly off-radar, #DITRHockey tries to help these #DITRyPlayers get on the radar.

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Top 100 MN Underclassman Skaters from 2015-2016 from DITR Analysis

As always, this is pure stats and weighted analysis on strength of teams. The list is to determine the best 100 prospects of the underclassmen. It is not intended to rank the list 1-100, so if you see a player in the bottom of the list that you think needs to be at the top, you may be right in your assessment.

This list is to identify the top prospects, both blue chip and Diamond in the Rough players, to highlight players that deserve the second looks. As always, the results are open for interpretation, but they are based solely on weighted statistics, and meant to find the DITR players.

Player Team Roster GR POS Goals Assists Points SOT DITRS School / Junior 2016 Tweet LAST Team Junior Rights College Committ
Jaxon Nelson Luverne 10 F 70 43 113 1.88 6.949 @sfstampede @LuverneHSHockey @sfstampede @GopherHockey
Scott Perunovich Hibbing/Chisholm 11 D 13 55 68 1.94 4.468 @RidertownUSA @ScorinScott @HibHockey @RidertownUSA @UMDMensHockey
Kasyn Kruse Luverne 10 F 26 33 59 1.88 3.744 @LuverneHSHockey @KruseKasyn
Chase Brand Park Rapids 11 F 32 36 68 1.80 3.293 @Blizzard_Hockey @cbrand_7 @ParkRapidsISD @sfstampede
Bailey Sommers Redwood Valley 11 F 43 26 69 1.79 3.229 @RVHS_Hockey @SommersMyron

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